Travel has always been a passion of mine but never to be a tourist. I love experiencing the everyday, those local highlights and rituals that aren’t in the travel guide. The feeling of having lived in a place, even for just a short while, is always my favourite souvenir.

Since my life as an engineer was leaving me feeling restless and frustrated, I decided to quit my job!  With no real plan for what comes next, I’ve decided to travel; something that has always brought me calm. It all definitely feels a bit crazy to me right now – and yes, the fact that ‘Girl Gone Local‘ sounds like ‘girl gone loco‘ is intentional! But I’m embracing the challenge of the unknown… or, at least, trying to not throw up… (that’s the same thing, right?!)

Through stories and photography, this is where I’ll be sharing these new experiences and the ones that have shaped me until now, travel-related and otherwise.