Local Colour – Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe

Family visits are always a little different as travel destinations in that they don’t allow for much time to go off exploring; family dinners and bedtime rituals are more important, in my book. And, for this trip, skiing was top priority! However, since I was going to have some free time to myself during my days off between powder sessions, I decided to look up the top 5 neighbourhoods to visit in Denver. One that popped up was the Art District on Santa Fe. I imagined this could be really cool – little galleries and cafes, maybe cool architecture. I decided to head out one day for a short afternoon of exploring.

When I got there and looked for parking, I quickly found myself already on the other side of the neighbourhood. Yeah, it’s not a very big stretch of street! And, as much as it had a bit of that artistic feel I was expecting (the old theatre definitely caught my eye), it was slightly lackluster… I wondered if maybe it was more interesting at night or on a weekend.  I will say it had some cool street art that added great little surprises of colour.


Since I had parked on a side street, as I wandered back to my car, I discovered the surrounding residential neighbourhood was much more interesting. The little bungalows and colourful buildings off the main drag were great to explore. I snapped a few photos and off I went to meet the kids at the end of their school day.






As usual, the real fun came when I decided to head away from the main tourist destination.

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