Falling for autumn in Sydney

Autumn in Australia. It’s not the usual time for people to come ‘down under’. But, I always knew I wouldn’t be able to come during their summer months. As a truly northern girl, the heat would just be too much. So far, the temperatures have been just right for walking around and enjoying the beautiful sunny days here – and I am a happy girl!

I’ve been in Sydney for 4 days now and, even harder than remembering to look right first when crossing the street is remembering to walk on the left side of the sidewalk! During my walk along the coastal trail, I was constantly apologizing for getting in someone’s way. Although, in fairness, I wasn’t all due to forgetting which side to be on. It also had a lot to do with wanting to take in all the views. The walk encompassed much of what I had stereotyped an Aussie day to be: surfing, sunbathing and clear aquamarine waters. Hard not to love!

The walk also goes by a beautiful cemetery along the cliffs. There’s always something eerie to me about how picturesque cemeteries can seem… This one especially caught my eye with all the white markers almost glowing in the bright sunshine.


To finish off that day, a trip to the markets in the Glebe suburb was a veritable local experience. Markets are always great for people watching and this was no exception. I trust that I’ll be going back to check out the rest of the neighbourhood.

Playing super tourist

Before hitting the local colour, I started my trip with the most iconic of tourist sites: Hyde Park and the Sydney Harbour. Hyde Park was a great place to sit and people watch – and I did for quite a while! Such a great mix of locals and tourists. And there’s something about it that reminds me a lot of Washington Square Park in New York. I think I have an almost identical picture of the overall scene from both places.

Across the street and just a few minutes away from the busyness of Hyde Park, the park just East of the cathedral was nearly empty. Except for 3 couples shooting wedding photos (which surprised me considering it was a Friday), I was alone to make my way down to the waterfront. It also offered a rather captivating first glimpse of the Opera House.

As I approached the Opera House, I re-joined throngs of tourists as they made it up the front steps. However, walking to the side of the building and around the back, I was nearly alone again. How funny that so few people decide to explore more than just the front of the building. All the better for me, though! I was really struck by how interesting the building was from all different angles. The back side was much more interesting to me, in fact. As the sun set, I sat and enjoyed views of the bridge, the tourist atop it and the constant circulation of boats.


Exploring on a rainy day

On Sunday, the forecast called for heavy rains. I decided to go for a walk anyway but leave my camera behind. Well, the forecast was far off… very far off. It was gorgeous and warm morning. So, I sat and enjoyed the beach scene at Coogee beach (just east of where I was staying). After lunch, I decided to go back and grab my camera to explore the neighbourhood a bit further. I left my rain gear behind since it seemed silly to bring it along with the sun already toasting my skin. I explored Randwick again as I made my way back down to the beach. I was keen to people watch again and maybe capture some pictures this time.

However, this time, the forecast proved right and the storm clouds moved in just as I got to the water. It did make for some great moody shots of the waves crashing, though! And, thankfully I was able to find cover (mainly for my camera) before the rain came pouring down.

So far, autumn in Australia is really making me fall for this far off land…

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