something New, something Blue

Walking for hours yesterday, I wandered through the neighbourhoods of Newtown and Glebe. It was both nothing extraordinary and everything awesome! I have been surprised by Sydney and how old this city is. I guess I expected it to be so much newer and younger… I’m not even sure why. But the art deco buildings and ornate decorations of the houses have made exploring its neighbourhoods a feast for the eyes. Newtown was no exception.

I happened on the main street around lunch time and it was teaming with people. There are tons of great little shops and restaurants. I was almost overloaded with people watching, the colours of the street art and unusual details, hidden just about everywhere you look. One little girl stuck out to me as she waited to cross the street with her mother and sister; one of those plastic horse masks draped from her head… just another Thursday, really.

Just off the main area, however, side streets were extremely quiet. Strangely, the busiest area was a graveyard behind this sweet little church. People sitting on gravesites and enjoying some lunch, taking naps and just wandering around. It was actually a really lovely place to sit and enjoy the breeze.

After wandering a bit more through Newtown and making my way around the university grounds, I grabbed a bite to eat and sat in their beautiful large park to enjoy some lunch myself. Enjoying the quiet of the afternoon, it occurred to me how different this day had been from the previous one spent hiking in the Blue Mountains.

The serenity and isolation on the trail were a stark contrast to the buzz of the city; yet, both were the best kind of travel days… truly local.




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