Chaos and Calm

Melbourne has been wonderful so far. A bit of urban flavour with the quiet of nature mixed in. Spending an afternoon shooting the energetic and colourful alleys with a great friend was so much fun! I don’t often get to share the experience of exploring a city through photography with someone else. And, I am always so curious to see how we each captured the same spaces. It also makes it easier to take shots of passersby when you’re not the only creepy girl with the camera!

However, in the busier areas of a city, people don’t tend to notice you as much – with or without a camera. So, there is a benefit to being just another face in the crowd!

Having spent just a short time in Melbourne’s downtown, it was still evident that true art could be found everywhere – in the graffiti and the architecture.

And even in all the chaos of the city centre, we were able to find some quiet scenes that day.

Just a short drive outside the city, the extreme quiet of nature can be found in the Dandenong ranges. Walk into the park only meters from the main road and you can no longer hear the sound of cars passing by or any other voices. The bush absorbs it all and you are left with a surrounding calm; walking around becomes almost meditative.

On Saturday, strolling through the Hank Marvin Market in St. Kilda was one of those events I decided to experience without the barrier of a camera lens. The gathering of multiple food trucks and local vendors filled the air with intoxicating smells. Groups of friends and families gathered on the grass to eat and enjoy the sunshine and music.It was a really great gathering place for the surrounding community.

We hadn’t realized that Hank Marvin was Cockney slang for ‘starving’ and showed up with full stomachs. We had been expecting more artisans and craft vendors. Everything that walked past us looked and smelled so delicious. But, we were too stuffed to partake – what an unfortunate waste! Instead, we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and music and just people-watched. And, I can’t really complain about that. But, if you get a chance, go with an empty stomach – you won’t regret it!

Later on, when we hit Brighton Beach to catch the sunset, we forgot it was the weekend and were greeted by a pretty large crowd of tourists. (Yes, I know, I am one too…) This beach is known for the row of colourful huts and people were gathered in front of almost every one to take pictures. So, I took the path less traveled. (Thank you, Robert Frost!) Walking behind the huts, I experienced a different view – and a quiet one. I was able to spot little vignettes of families just enjoying the warmth of the evening and waiting for the sunset, packing up to head home or just admiring the colours of the huts.When I got to the end of the row, I was totally alone to enjoy the amazing colours of the sunset.

Tomorrow I aim to explore more of the chaos of the city in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy. But, for tonight, I am enjoying the calm of my new little loft in the inner city.


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