To Twizel I go…

Rain seemed like a bad thing when I checked the weather report for today’s drive. However, it made for some spectacular vistas around every turn. It all started when the sky was almost on fire when I woke up in Christchurch this morning.


Then the road was filled with some incredible visual surprises. From a rainbow hiding around a corner that I was able to capture just before it disappeared to the amazing blue of Lake Tekapo that melted into the horizon line.

Twizel is hardly the most exciting destination but walking around just before sunset proved it had some beautiful details. And, my little chalet is a very cozy location to come home to after some hiking this week.

As I walked around this evening, these sheep seemed more curious about me than I was about them. They startled me a bit at first since they were as still as statues at first; I wasn’t sure they were real.


The rain is hammering down as I write this. I’m looking forward to seeing these same spectacular views in the morning sunshine.

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