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Remarkable Ordinary

Climbing Mt Fuji was unlike anything I've ever done. Every aspect of the climb was memorable. Getting our walking sticks branded. Lucking out with clear skies that let us see every star during our night climb. Walking by the surprising number of convenience stores on the trail up. Being involved in a traffic jam of … Continue reading Remarkable Ordinary

Home, (bitter)sweet Home

Post-trip depression. Coming-home blues. Perhaps the hardest part of traveling. Not widely talked about, but it is starting to be discussed by at least a couple of bloggers. (For example, here and here.) It's the low you feel when you've come home from some big trip. It stems from the feeling that you've changed but … Continue reading Home, (bitter)sweet Home

Reminders of home

Strange how returning home from a trip - no matter its length, instantly makes the memory of it seem so distant. Almost as if it never happened. But, at the same time, you can hardly believe it's over. And, I definitely don't want to believe that this trip is over. I think that's why it … Continue reading Reminders of home

Different Island, Different Landscapes

Having left Wellington after noon, the long drive up to Taupo would certainly mean arriving in the dark. However, I was hoping to reach the Desert Road before the sun set. I really wanted to see those famous peaks of Tongariro┬áNational Park in daylight. With all the road construction zones and safe speed reduction areas, … Continue reading Different Island, Different Landscapes

More than Mainly Fine in Wellington

While waiting for the ferry, messages scrolled on the information board about safety for the crossing, location of washrooms, etc. But it was the one about the weather that was my favourite. It said: Wellington Weather - Mainly fine with clouds moving in. I couldn't help but giggle. Mainly fine? What does that even mean? … Continue reading More than Mainly Fine in Wellington